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its just a little crush

so the last game day of football, you know when the ravens beat the patriots. that was awesome. but my neighbor had come over to watch the game with asshole will eventually be exhusband. anyway this neighbor of mine, will call him T. he was super flirty, and getting me drunk and saying all kinds of inappropriate things. and being very touchy feely. and he told me i needed to find him one of my single friends so that he wont be so tempted. i doubt the asshole will ever let T hang out with me again. 
the asshole at least now realizes how easy it would be for me to cheat or leave because other men actually want me.

gotta get away

so after all i have gone through and am still going through, i cannot find support from my husband. when he is the cause for most of my misery. he doesnt even want to hear my voice while he watches football. so here i am in my room. hiding. 
i have not shared a room or bed with my husband in 2 years. we rarely have sex. because i hate him. the last time we did  i got pregnant. he wanted me to abort. so i did. i was happy about being pregnant, sure it made me feel terrible and i was struggling with it. but i did what he wanted, i hate him more now.
i want out of here.
i want to be the me i was years before i met him. 
how did i become so stupid in the first place?

product works

so i ordered a facial scrub for my dog. lol. that sounds so ridiculous. but she has tear stains, she is just a pup. maltese. anyway, the scrub really worked and im glad i bought it.
oh god, my life is boring.

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